Monday, October 1, 2007

London Eye Animation

James Stafford

Ride on the London Eye without having to stand in a queue!

Standing proud above the London skyline is the London Eye. Measuring 135 meters (442.9 feet), it is a popular tourist attraction for millions every year wishing to enjoy views across London. One of the downsides to the Eye being so popular is of course the queues, but now there is a solution - ride it in Google Earth using this animated model created by James Stafford. To view, press the play button located next to the time slider and allow to run through a view times. Once loaded, you can move around the eye and create your own travel experience using the information in the "Layers". View user supplied photos in Geographic Web > Panoramio, Wikipedia articles in Geographic Web > Wikipedia, 3D Buildings in the 3D buildings layer and user supplied information in the Google Earth Community layer. Then, see what other goodies are contained within other Layers.

Open in Google Earth